Q. How does laser hair removal work?

A. A laser is a beam of light that creates heat with pigment, which is the color in our skin and hair. The darker and thicker the hair is, the better the laser works. The heat disables the hair follicle, which causes hair growth to stop. It then disconnects from the hair bulb, which causes that particular hair to be pushed up to the surface on it's own quicker than normal. This can cause hair growth spurt in some areas, which is normal. The hair will eventually fall out of the follicle, which can take up to two to three weeks after treatment.

Our hair grows in three different stages: anagen, catagen, and telogen. Laser hair removal is only effective on the hair growing in the anagen stage; therefore, it is normal to see the hair growing back in patches after treatment.

Q. How do I prepare for my treatment?

A. Be sure to shave the area being treated approximately 12 hours before your treatment. Also, be sure to stay out of prolonged sunlight for two weeks before and after treatment. Do not wax, pluck, thread, or use chemicals to remove hair. Shaving is the only method allowed. Please be sure to let us know of any medical changes.

Q. What can I expect after my treatment?

A. Everyone responds differently, and laser hair removal is not down to an exact science. Some may not notice a difference until the third or fourth treatment when patchiness and thinning of the hair become the most noticeable. In some cases, the hair may lighten. Additionally, you may experience mild to moderate redness and itchiness; this can be treated with aloe and hydrocortisone cream (found at any drugstore or retailer).

Q. What type of lasers are used, and can they treat all skin types?

A. At SEDA, we utilize Nd: YAG, Alexandrite and Diode Lasers. Brands such as Candela, Cynosure & Lumenis. This gives us flexibility and options to treat all skin types effectively.

Q. Can you treat light or grey hairs?

A. The laser works most effectively on brown and black hairs. The more melanin that is in the hair follicle, the more effectively it can absorb the laser. Blonde, red or grey hairs have less melanin, therefore absorb the laser less effectively.  

Q. How many treatments are needed?

A. Laser hair removal is not down to an exact science, and everyone responds differently. Some factors include the color and thickness of hair, skin type, and the area being treated. It could be as little as six treatments or up to 12 or more treatments.

Q. Who performs laser hair removal at SEDA?

A. All laser hair removal treatments are performed by one of SEDA's well-trained laser practitioners, certified by the State of Georgia Medical Composite Board. Our laser practitioners are extensively trained and are compliant with the State of Georgia training and certifications before being permitted to perform any laser treatments. We also have a doctor on staff that serves as our medical director. 

Q. Is laser hair removal painful?

A. It feels very similar to a rubber band snap.

Q. Is laser hair removal permanent?

A. It is permanent hair reduction.

Q. Will it work with ingrown hairs?

A. Yes.